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Q: How much does a typical basement finish cost?

A: While there is no specific formula to give you an exact cost you can count on without a direct consultation the typical basement finish is priced by a per square foot basis. Typically, the range for basement finishing (without a bathroom) will run around $15 per square foot. Basements with a typical single bathroom will increase the price to around $20 per square foot. However, these numbers are just a rough basis. It’s been our experience that no two companies REGARDLESS of their quoted price per square foot will come up with the same estimate (some in which cases will vary significantly). There are many reasons for this but we typically advise our customers that the old adage “if it’s too good to be true…” is usually correct. In our experience the average cost to finish a standard basement with quality materials and workmanship will average around $21-$26 per square foot. Cost per square foot varies based upon upgrades such as high end flooring, kitchens, high end bathrooms, etc.